We have started our fundraiser for the music department and we are looking for your help! Some families may be interested in buying/selling the items in the attached brochure while other families may just want to support the chorus through a flat donation. Either way, the profit from the sale and any donations go into our chorus account to be used for our chorus students. Again, thank you for any and all support! Please look below for further information.

How do I complete the fundraiser?

Follow these directions to complete your fundraiser:

  1. Input all orders into the attached Pick Sheet

  2. Print off OR email a copy of the Pick Sheet to christopher.whittington@cobbk12.org

  3. Bring in your brochure (you will receive this back when you pick up your items)

  4. Collect all of your checks, cash and compile one check payable to Dodgen Middle School (donations and sales can be included all together in one check)

  5. Send Pick Sheet, brochure and money in with your student on Thursday, September 5. We will collect all of these materials in class.

***If you are trying to paste the brochure in an email or social media, copy this link*** https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5aec7a9a1aef1d50184eebe5/t/5d5970afbb302e00015d5aa3/1566142641735/BC+2019-20.pdf

Click on the this image to view a PDF of the Broadway Cafe brochure.

This is a great way to share with friends and family via social media, email, etc.

For credit/debit purchases, customers should use the organization ID 730589 on www.paythankyou.com. Please make people aware that they will be charged an additional 7% surcharge for this feature. Students should write down the code which is generated from the payment website as proof of payment.

If you need extra space to keep your orders received, please print out an extra Orders Page.

 Ingredients of items sold. 


Chorus Fundraiser Letter

The Dodgen Chorus is off to a great start as we begin the 2019-2020 school year.  As in the past tradition of the Dodgen Music Department, we will begin our annual fundraiser on Friday, August 16, 2019.  The Dodgen orchestra, band and chorus will be selling cheesecakes again this year.  This has been a very profitable fundraiser for our groups in the past, and we hope to continue in that tradition. 

The Dodgen Chorus program will again use the funds generated by this sale to supplement our county allotment towards the following items:

Student Recognition Programs, New Music, Festival Entry fees for large group performance evaluation, Field trip travel costs, Music and Office supplies & equipment; Guest clinicians, Communication expenses, Replacement of outdated technology, Professional Development, and any other expenses tied to running the Dodgen Chorus program that may arise.

We would greatly appreciate your support in this effort as the Dodgen Chorus continues to grow and serve more students in our community. If you prefer your student does not participate in selling cheesecake products, we gladly accept donations.  A student that sells 10 cheesecake items helps earn the chorus approximately $90. Any and all amounts are greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support!

The forms and money will be due on Thursday, September 5th. Checks from sales need to be made out to the parents of the students and then one check will be made out to Dodgen from that point.