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Only one spot per person until notified otherwise.

All-State Chorus 2019

All-State Chorus 2019

All-State Chorus is sponsored by the Georgia Music Educators Association and is a big honor for those who get a chance to be involved.  Students who tryout for All-State could participate in two auditions.  Both will be located within an hour from Dodgen.  If students pass the first audition, they are invited to go to a second audition.  The dates for these auditions are found at the bottom of this letter.  There are neither make-ups nor refunds for the auditions so students need to check their calendars before committing.  If your student makes All-State by passing both auditions, they will then go to Athens in February to participate in one of the best choral experiences of their lifetime.  They will sing with hundreds of other students from all over Georgia in one concert. 

            There are a few requirements for being able to tryout for All-State.  Your student must sign up on our google doc (located on homepage) and turn in a $30.00 registration fee by September 10, 2019 at 3:00pm. Checks should be made payable to Dodgen Middle School. Please put monies in a white school envelop and turn into a black box. Failure to do this will nullify your child’s chance to tryout. 

Every student who attends the tryout must sing one prepared solo (this is pre-determined), sight-read 3 four measure examples, and sing a major, minor and chromatic scale.  All of the audition requirements can be taught and practiced with us before school.  We are available to meet with any student on most Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday mornings at 8:15. Additional after school rehearsals will be provided by Ms. Scott for those students willing to stay on available, pre-scheduled days.  

This is your child’s investment.  We will not hunt your child down if they are not at practice.  We are here for all of the students who would like the extra assistance.  Please stress to your student that this is not just a small money commitment, but a big time commitment.

We will give the times for the first audition as soon as we receive them.

Dates for All-State Chorus

September 13, 2019                     All-State Chorus Registration due by 3:00pm-no exceptions

November 9th, 2019                   1st All-State Chorus Audition at Woodland H.S. (Time TBA)

January 17th, 2020                      2nd All-State Chorus Audition McClure M.S. (Time TBA)

Feb 27-29th, 2020                        All-State Chorus in Athens, Georgia at the Classic Center


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 Congrats to our All-State Chorus Finalist!!!!

Congratulations to our 6 students who attended the 2019 All-State Chorus. These students represented the Dodgen Chorus in a GREAT way!

Yuta Aoki, Kiana Castellano, Dawson Foreman, Spencer Banko,

Shayna Suddeth, Rithu Hegde

Screen Shot 2019-07-31 at 11.57.19 AM.png

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2019 All State Chorus students: Shayna Suddeth, Rithu Hegde, Kiana Castellano, Spencer Banko, Yuta Aoki, and Dawson Foreman