We have three separate rehearsal dates for your students based on their grade level.

Monday, April 8 - 7th graders, plus Hightower Trial 8th graders

Tuesday, April 9 - 6th graders

Wednesday, April 10 - Dodgen 8th graders

5:00-6:00 - We're providing dinner. It's optional, but it will be a chance for your student to hang out with their Pope Chorus buddies.

6:00-6:45 - Rehearsal

Rehearsal pick up and drop off:

Pope chorus will be rehearsing before and after your scheduled rehearsal time. The students should wait inside the auditorium of the Performing Arts Center, in the back of the house on the right side. You can feel free to wait during the rehearsal and watch.

What to wear:

Cabaret t-shirt and jeans or slacks. We'll give your student their t-shirts at rehearsal.


Your student gets in for free, and you get two additional tickets. Your tickets will be available at Will Call. You can purchase additional tickets at popechorus.ludus.com. Adult tickets are $12. Student tickets (kindergarten through 12th grade) are $5.

Concert procedure:

Your concert dates and showtimes are as follows.

Friday, April 12, 7:30pm - 7th graders, plus Hightower Trail 8th graders

Saturday, April 13, 3:00pm - 6th graders

Saturday, April 13, 7:30pm - Dodgen 8th graders

Call times are as follows.

7th graders plus Hightower Trail 8th graders - Friday, 5:00pm dinner, 6:00pm final run through

6th graders - Saturday, 1:00pm final run through

Dodgen 8th graders - Saturday, 5:00pm dinner, 6:00pm final run through

Please have your student arrive in their Cabaret t-shirts and jeans. 

During meals and the final run through, your student will be hanging out with their Pope Chorus buddies. Once the concert starts, your students will sit in the audience to enjoy the 1st half of the show. At intermission, your student will meet their Pope Chorus buddies in the green room. Their song is at the start of the second act. When they're finished, they can rejoin you in the audience. At the end of the show, your student is invited to join us on stage for a final bow.

Additional practice:

If your student feels like they need additional practice, they can find practice files on my blog:


Mrs. Johns